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These terms and conditions apply to customers who buy products or services from any salon in Kolorbar NYC. Reserve the right to any price changes of products and services. Privacy is important to us as we process your data under the New York Privacy Act. NYPA is a comprehensive consumer privacy law that aims to protect the privacy of New Yorkers by allowing them to exercise greater control over their personal information and holding companies accountable. The company reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason and at any time.



The following card types are accepted: Credit, Corporate, Debit (processed like credit), Prepaid, and Rewards. 

Prepaid cards

International Cards: accepted most internationally-issued cards bearing any of the logos above via manual entry, swiping a card, dipping a chip card, or tapping a contactless card. Please note a customer or a payment card isn't present, he must manually enter the customer's card information. To manually process an international card, enter the card number, expiration date, CVV, and postal or ZIP code.

EDD Cards: process Employment Development Department (EDD) Debit Cards at our standard processing rate. 

Government and Military Cards are not guaranteed approval of government or military cards as approval is dependent on each card issuer.​


The Gratuities are accepted via cash or Venmo.


​The pricing on all services may vary according to the length and texture of the hair. All retail products may be exchanged or refunded within seven days. Kolorbar NYC, is not responsible for the bleeding or washing out from non-permanent colors because of the nature of the product (for example, but not limited to colors such: as pink, blue, red, yellow, and purple). However, the company it's not liable for any damage caused by the permanent or semi-permanent color on the clothes during the depositing color process. For this reason, we provide smocks and inform customers not to wear valuable garments. Discounts are not cumulative and are applied to one service only. 


The large-price services require a $100 non-refundable deposit because of the value of the stylist's and client's time. The deposit will be held and used on the final invoice, which reports the appointment date. You can only reschedule the appointment once and only 24 hours before. No-shows or cancellations will not be refunded under any circumstances. Deposits are non-refundable.



Your satisfaction is our priority. If a client is not entirely contended for the execution of the treatment, notify the staff immediately at that moment. Otherwise, the client is requested to contact the team within 24 hours of receiving the service. The necessary corrections can meet the customer's needs. Only in the case of an error from a specialist the treatments received will be refunded. Refunds are not accepted, but customers are guaranteed complete satisfaction with the services they will receive. If the customer is not pleased with the services received, they have seven working days to consult the same or another specialist and find the best solution to meet his needs. 


The cancellation process or the rescheduling appointment must be notified to our salons at least 24 hours before the appointed day; otherwise, an exemption of a $20 fee will apply for the next scheduling service. Contact the salon for the reservation appointment on the same day, and notify us at least 3 hours prior.



​​The customer who misses an appointment will receive an exemption of commission of 25% of the price of the booked service, non-refundable. Therefore, two or more missed appointments are equivalent to dismissal from the salon.



​Respecting the time of customers and staff, remember to arrive on time for appointments. Customers coming more than 15 minutes late will be charged a fee of $19, and customers arriving more than 30 minutes late will miss their original appointment and reschedule.


​Cancel your appointment by calling (212) 769-2800, an online booking service, or via e-mail at


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